Publications, Presentations, and Other Achievements

In progress — keep checking back for updates!

Peter Katz
Dickens, the Digital, and the Doctor,” Journal of Victorian Culture Online, 14 October 2013.

Adam Kozaczka
Chair, “A Cast of Thousands: Toy Soldiers, Military Masculinity, and Late Victorian Children’s Literature,” 2014 NEMLA Conference.

Rachel Snyder-Lockman
“The Woman’s Bible and Feminist Textual Community,” 2014 EIR of AAR Conference.

Melissa Welshans
“Marital Transformation and Authorial Representation in the Works of Mary Cary and Margaret Cavendish,” 2014 NEMLA Conference.

T. J. West
“Going Ape: The Posthuman Ethics of Animality, Affiliation, and Affect in Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011),” 2014 SCMS Conference.

Jordan Wood
“Queer Time, Queer Body, Queer Game: A Reading of The Binding of Isaac,” 2014 SCMS Conference.

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