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Write Now

Write Now has officially started and will be held on Mondays, 5-7pm, in the English Library (in HL 401).

Scholar Cat Image

A b/w drawing of a cat writing with a quill and ink.

If you have never experienced the joys of Write Now, it’s a lovely two hours where we meet to write. Whether you’re working on a dissertation chapter or a BlackBoard post, working around others who are writing can help you to maintain productivity. Also, it is fairly enjoyable to meet up and write with friends and colleagues.

And there is pizza. (Free pizza!)

See y’all there!

If you want more information, you can always contact Patty Roylance or just send your question over the EGO listserv.


Upcoming: Negotiations and EGO Officer Nominations

As the semester winds down, we have a couple of important events to look forward to. Our Spring semester Negotiations conference is scheduled for May 3rd, at 3pm, in HL 207. Stay tuned for a poster and list of speakers.

It is also time to elect new EGO officers! You can find more information about officer positions by visiting the “Archive” tab above. If you are interested, please send an email to our listserv. We are looking to fill the following positions:

  • PhD Facilitator
  • MA Facilitator
  • GSO Representative
  • Graduate Committee Representative
  • Undergraduate Committee Representative
  • Agenda Committee Representative 

Serving in an EGO position is a great way to get in some department service, to become familiar with the inner-workings of the department, and, perhaps most importantly, to  help our voices as graduate students be heard! We welcome grads at all stage of the program 🙂