Alumni Placement

  • Recent PhD Placement
    • Adam Kozaczka, Visiting Assistant Professor, Texas A&M International University (2019)
    • Melissa Welshans, Assistant Director of the Center for Fellowship and Scholarship Advising (CFSA), Syracuse University (2017)
    • Staci Stutsman, Tutor Services Manager at Tutor Corps (2017)
    • Sarah Barkin, Lecturer, University of Colorado, Boulder (2017)
    • Lindsey Decker, Master Lecturer, Boston University (2016)
  • Recent MA Placement
    • Tyler Smart, English PhD Program, UMass Amherst (2018)
    • Wil Marple, English PhD Program, Syracuse University (2017)
  • 2015 PhD Placement
    • Steven Doles, English Studies Coordinator, Syracuse University (2015)
    • Peter Katz, Assistant Professor of English, Pacific Union College (CA) (2015)
  • 2015 MA Placement
    • William Bond, English PhD Program, Northeastern University (2015)
    • Kelsey Flint-Martin, English PhD Program, Assistant Director of First-Year English, University of South Carolina (2015)
    • Evan Hixon, English PhD Program, Syracuse University (2015)
    • Emily Kaufman, English Teacher, Mount Mercy Academy (2015)
  • 2014 PhD Placement
    • CJ Dosch, Professor of Humanities/English, South Puget Sound Community College (WA) (2014)
  • 2014 MA Placement
    • Peter Delgobbo, Comparative Literature PhD Program, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill (2014)
    • Aley O’Mara, English PhD Program, Syracuse University (2014)
  • 2013 PhD Placement
    • Sandeep Banerjee, Assistant Professor, McGill University (2013)
    • Elizabeth Stearns, Instructor, Red Rocks Community College (CO) (2013)
  • 2013 MA Placement
    • Adrienne Garcia, Financial Aid Counselor, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (2015)
      Adjunct Faculty, Allan Hancock College (CA) (2013)
    • Kicia Sears, Adjunct Faculty, Le Moyne College (NY) (2013)
      Adjunct Faculty, Syracuse University (2013)
  • 2012 PhD Placement
  • 2012 MA Placement
    • Mark Celeste, English PhD Program, Rice University (2013)
    • Adam Kozaczka, English PhD Program, Syracuse University (2012)
  • 2011 PhD Placement
  • 2011 MA Placement
    • Laurel Ahnert, Communication–Moving Image Studies PhD Program, Georgia State University
    • T.J. West, English PhD Program, Syracuse University
    • Michael Miller, English PhD Program, Northeastern University
    • Megan Poole, English teacher at Oak Hall School (FL)
  • 2010 PhD Placement
  • 2008 PhD Placement
    • Sarah (Russo) Berry, Visiting Assistant Professor, Hobart & William Smith Colleges (NY) (2008)
  • 2008 MA Placement
    • Emily Shortslef-Foote, English PhD Program, Columbia University
    • Matthew Rigilano, English PhD Program, University at Buffalo
  • 2007 PhD Placement
    • Hyon-Joo Loo, Associate Professor, University of Vermont (2007)
    • Cindy Linden, Assistant Professor and Honors Coordinator, Sullivan County Community College (NY)
    • Beatrice Skordili, Lecturer, New York College (Athens, Greece)
    • JJ Butts, Assistant Professor of English, Simpson College (IA) (2011)
  • 2007 MA Placement
    • Brigitte Fielder, English PhD program, Cornell University (defended 2012)
      currently Associate Lecturer, University of Wisconsin–Madison (2013)
    • Corinne Martin, English PhD program, Ohio State University
    • Meghan Boyle, English PhD program, University of Southern California (2008)
    • Sarah Etlinger, PhD Program in Rhetoric & Composition, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (defended 2012)
      currently Assistant Professor, Rock Valley College (IL)
  • 2006 PhD Placement
    • Katheryn Giglio, Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida
    • Christina Parish, Associate Director, Syracuse University Project Advance
      Assistant Professor, Clayton State University (GA) (2007)
  • 2005 MA Placement
    • Gina Liotta, M.Ed. Program, University of Oregon
    • Jonathan Senchyne, English PhD program, Cornell University (defended 2012)
      currently Assistant Professor of Library and Information Studies (2012) and Associate Director of the Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture (2013), University of Wisconsin–Madison
    • Nathaniel Mills, English PhD program, University of Michigan (defended 2011)
      currently Assistant Professor, California State University – Northridge (2011)
    • Polina Kroik, English & Comparative Literature PhD Program, University of California–Irvine (defended 2011)
      currently Part-time Instructor, Lane Community College (2011)
    • Enass Khansa, PhD Program in Arabic Language & Literature, Georgetown University (2008)
  • 2005 PhD Placement
    • Maik Nwosu, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, University of Denver
      Assistant Professor, Kennesaw State University (GA)
    • Brinda Charry, Assistant Professor, Keene State College (NH) (2005)
  • 2005 MA Placement
    • Tristan Sipley, English PhD Program, University of Oregon (defended 2010)
      currently English Department Chair and Instructor, Kew-Forest School (NY) (2010)
    • Greg Ferguson, Editorial Assistant, Harper Collins Children’s Books NYC
  •  2004 PhD Placement
    • Karen Hall, Assistant Director, Civic Engagement and Academic Advising, Syracuse University
  • 2003 PhD Placement
    • Amy Vondrak, Assistant to the President for the Office of the First 30 (2012) and English Faculty (2003), Mercer Community College (NJ)
  • 2002 PhD Placement
    • Roger Hecht, Assistant Professor, SUNY–Oneonta (2006)
    • Elaine Norris, Lecturer, Le Moyne College (NY)
  • 2001 PhD Placement
    • Josh Stenger, Associate Professor of Film Studies & English and Coordinator of Film and New Media Studies, Wheaton College (MA)
    • Beth Berilla, Associate Professor and Director of Women’s Studies and Ethnic & Women’s Studies Department Chairperson, St. Cloud State University (MN)
  • 2000 PhD Placement
    • Katherine Romack, Associate Professor, University of West Florida
    • Robert Young, Associate Professor (1997), Professor (2010), University of Alabama
  • 1999 PhD Placement
  • 1998 PhD Placement

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