EGO understands the need to create and facilitate connections between those studying in the same field throughout the program and between incoming graduate students and those who have been around the department for awhile. In response, we’ve implemented a “micro-mentorship” program to pair incoming first-year MAs and PhDs with returning graduate students to ease transition into graduate school and the department.

This program, started by Dr. TJ West (PhD, 2018) and further developed by Rhyse Curtis, offers the following:

  • Pre-semester connections between incoming students and returning students
  • Field-specific mentoring
  • A lifeline for all questions, concerns, and successes through the first few years of graduate study
  • Experience with mentor-mentee relationships

If you’re an incoming student and want to know who your mentor/s are, please contact our PhD facilitator.

If you’re a returning student and you would like the opportunity to mentor an incoming student, please contact our PhD facilitator.

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