Monthly Archives: September 2019

EGO Meeting Friday

We’re having an EGO meeting this Friday! While elected EGO representatives are obligated to attend, these meetings are for every MA and PhD in the department. Even if you don’t have anything to formally report, you can come and bring up any concerns or questions you have about your graduate school experience.

Also, I will be bringing snacks again this meeting 🙂

Write Now

Write Now has officially started and will be held on Mondays, 5-7pm, in the English Library (in HL 401).

Scholar Cat Image

A b/w drawing of a cat writing with a quill and ink.

If you have never experienced the joys of Write Now, it’s a lovely two hours where we meet to write. Whether you’re working on a dissertation chapter or a BlackBoard post, working around others who are writing can help you to maintain productivity. Also, it is fairly enjoyable to meet up and write with friends and colleagues.

And there is pizza. (Free pizza!)

See y’all there!

If you want more information, you can always contact Patty Roylance or just send your question over the EGO listserv.