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Spring 2014 Negotiations

Join us for this semester’s Negotiations colloquium! It will take place on Friday, April 18, 2-5pm in Eggers 010, with dinner from Byblos to follow. We’ll be listening and responding to presentations from our colleagues on these texts:

Peter Katz
“‘Who can tell the anguish?’: Material Memory, Associationism, and the Ethics of Reading in Boz’s ‘The Hospital Patient'”

Adam Kozaczka
“‘Who Knows What Making Love Meant to a Man Like That?’: Sexual Violence, Sexual Failure, and Fandom in Alan Moore’s Treatment of H.P. Lovecraft”

Ashley O’Mara
“‘Idioma Mexicano’: Criollismo and Spanish Text/Paratext Paredes’s Nahuatl Catecismo Mexicano”

Staci Stutsman
“The Good Wife: TV Melodrama and Unruly Femininty”