Monthly Archives: September 2020

Friday EGO Meetings

Oh wow, it looks like we have two important meetings coming up this very Friday, September 11th!

The first is a meeting we have been building up to since the end of last year. In our final in person English Graduate Organization (EGO) meeting of 2019-20, we discussed moving forward with talking to the MFA students and feeling out whether they would be interested in joining our organization. To that end, we will be meeting on Friday to discuss this with interested MFA students. You do not need to have been involved with EGO prior to this to attend this meeting, this meeting is open to you regardless of year or previous attendance.

Informational flier with futuristic image

Our meeting about MFA reintegration will start at 1pm this Friday and be held via Zoom. Please check your email for the link.

We will follow up this meeting with our first regular EGO meeting of the year!

Informational flier featuring a beautiful fall background

This meeting is scheduled for after the MFA Reintegration Meeting, at 3pm, also via Zoom.

We will hear from our Graduate, Undergraduate, Agenda, and GSO representatives as well as discuss the First Year Representative position. Feel free to bring yourself, your questions, and your concerns about anything related to graduate life.

While officers are obliged to attend, all EGO meetings are open to all MAs and PhDs and your attendance is appreciated. You are welcome to dip in and out of the meetings as your schedule allows.

Orientation Meeting Part Deux

This Friday (4 Sept.) from 1-3pm we will have a follow-up to our previous Graduate Student orientation meet-and-greet event. This will occur over Zoom, check your email for the link!

This is part of the department orientation. If you’re a new student, please attend. Most of us don’t bite 🙂 If you’re a returning student, please drop in and say howdy to our incoming MAs and PhDs!

In previous years, this part of the department orientation occurred on one day and returning graduate students organized different panels on topics such as health and wellness, success in the program, how to write a seminar paper, and “what I wish I knew when entering the program.” This year, we’ll be spreading our orientation material over a few different Fridays and addressing questions and concerns that incoming students have while sharing tips and suggestions that those of us returning graduates have learned along the way.