Monthly Archives: December 2019

Fall Negotiations

It’s time for our semi-annual intra-English graduate student conference, Negotiations! Come to hear other smart people present parts of their seminar papers, conference papers, articles, dissertation chapters, or anything else they might be working on. Or, present your own work in a low stakes, supportive environment.

All are welcome and food will be provided.

This semester’s Negotiations is on Tuesday (10 Dec.) starting at 2pm in 421 HL.

We’ll be hearing Natalie El-Eid present her paper, “No More ‘Isolated Incidents’: The War on Terror in the Arab American Home” and Haejoo Kim present her paper, “The Vaccination Epidemic and the Fiction of the Natural Body in Victorian Anti-Vaccination Rhetoric.”

If you want to present at Negotiations or you have any questions, please contact our MA Facilitator, Cassidy (, who is organizing this academic year’s Negotiations.