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Medical Humanities: An Introductory and Research Panel Discussion

Friday, March 5, 2-3:30 p.m.

Haejoo Kim (Syracuse University)
Sarah Berry (SUNY Oswego)
Rebecca Garden (Upstate Medical)
Lois Agnew (Syracuse University)

Scholars working in the growing interdisciplinary field of medical humanities investigate the human experience of health and illness through an interdisciplinary lens at the intersection of social sciences, the humanities, the arts, biomedical sciences and caregiving disciplines.

**You need to register for this event** It is required for every MA and PhD student in coursework and strongly suggested for all others.

Academic Publishing Workshop w/ Dr. Goode

As stated in emails:

Mainly, we’ll be covering the process – start to finish – of how (and why) to publish a journal article as a graduate student.  We will also touch on other forms of publication: book chapters, book reviews, encyclopedia entries, and even monographs (single-author books).

This is one of the four, annually offered pre-professional workshops that all Ph.D. students are required to attend at some point during their years at SU. M.A.’s are also welcome and encouraged to attend!

Event Planning EGO Meeting

We are having a lovely EGO meeting this Friday, November 20th, starting at 4pm to discuss and plan for an end-of-the-semester event. Check your email for the Zoom link!

As you know, we have decided to pass on having our annual Negotiations this semester, but we would still like to have a fun virtual get together. To that end, we need to determine what type of event we are having, when we should have it, and how much money we should budget for it.

Right now, the thought is the throw an EGO trivia night, if you have thoughts (yea or nay) on this, you should come to the meeting! We will also be discussing such fraught topics as: what night is the best night to have a virtual event? And, should we try for food of some sort?

EVERYONE is welcome and encouraged to attend this nice, low key EGO meeting. You can attend whether you’ve ever been to an EGO meeting in the past or have hitherto shunned these meetings. If you just want to dip in and say “howdy,” that is fine too.

PhD Prospectus Workshop

Dissertation Prospectus Writing

  • Friday, November 13 at 2:00 pm via Zoom *Time Change
  • Professor Dympna Callaghan

In preparation for the workshop, please 1) review the guidelines for prospectuses in the attached English Graduate Handbook; 2) consult your adviser via email or in person concerning his or her expectations concerning the prospectus — especially inquire about what your adviser sees as the most important thing that the prospectus should accomplish; 3) look at a prospectus written by one of your peers—more if you have time, but at least look closely at one. Prospectus’ can be found on the G drive, which you all have access to. Go to G drive -> AS -> ENG -> #GRADUATE -> PhD English -> PhD Prospectus