Event Planning EGO Meeting

We are having a lovely EGO meeting this Friday, November 20th, starting at 4pm to discuss and plan for an end-of-the-semester event. Check your email for the Zoom link!

As you know, we have decided to pass on having our annual Negotiations this semester, but we would still like to have a fun virtual get together. To that end, we need to determine what type of event we are having, when we should have it, and how much money we should budget for it.

Right now, the thought is the throw an EGO trivia night, if you have thoughts (yea or nay) on this, you should come to the meeting! We will also be discussing such fraught topics as: what night is the best night to have a virtual event? And, should we try for food of some sort?

EVERYONE is welcome and encouraged to attend this nice, low key EGO meeting. You can attend whether you’ve ever been to an EGO meeting in the past or have hitherto shunned these meetings. If you just want to dip in and say “howdy,” that is fine too.

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